Alex was born in sub-Saharan Africa as the heir to the animal kingdom. As a young boy, he witnessed his uncle murder his father by throwing him in the path of stampeding wildebeests. He was then exiled by his uncle, and stripped of his birthright. In the absence of his father, he was raised by his closest friends - a meerkat and a warthog. After several years, he defeated his uncle and returned natural order to the circle of life.

He now resides in Brooklyn, and works at FCB New York as an ACD, on brands like Burger King, LG, and The Real Cost (FDA).

Outside of work he enjoys stargazing, riding his bike, and making computer music.

Hakuna Matata 🎵


Adweek's Top Creative 100
Work featured in: Wired, Forbes, The New York Times, Adweek, AdAge, Lürzer's Archive
AdAge Agency 2019 A-List: FCB

Titanium Grand Prix
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1 Bronze

2 Graphite Pencils
6 Wood Pencil

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